SXA Layout not Found and Page is Blank

If you have been developing in Sitecore you have probably seen the error "Layout Cannot Be Found". It is an easy fix in regular Sitecore, just apply a layout, publish and the error goes bye bye.

SXA is a little different, according to the docs after creating a Site, it is available immediately.

So maybe not so immediately. In order for me to get everything working needed to bind the site with IIS.

Then needed to add the new binding to my Host file. C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

After these two steps my site was available, But wait there is more!

After adding a little POC content, the published page showed blank, yet the page previewed fine in the Experience Editor. So I published, however I needed to use the correct publish button :). Below is the button I used and my page began showing correctly.

I reached out to my good friend Michael Edwards and he came up with a good point. This is the only button that publishes everything that could possibly be needed with the site. Publishing an item even though it is the Tenant or Site does not perform the same action. In addition publishing from within the Experience Editor may only publish those items associated with SXA. This is a theory and for now it is the best I can think of.

Have fun out there.

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