Sitecore 9.2 - It works!

Sitecore 9.2 has a whole boat load of features so when my company decided to create a POC prior to upgrading I jumped on the chance to install and work with it. Here is how I did it:

Solr 7.5 yes it has changed again

Can we bring back Bitnami, it was so easy. So the new Solr min version seems to be Solr 7.5, look at the bright side, it will not conflict with your 9.1 installs.

Solr is pretty easy if you follow these blogs. Thanks Guys!!!

First I followed Peter Prochazka blog listing step by step how to install Solr:

Used his PowerShell script from his Github repo

A couple of items that I ran into:

-I had previously downloaded Solr 7.5 into the directory, for some reason the script did not like this and complained, ended up deleting the directory and rerunning

-nssm would not download for me using the script, so contrary to the first issue, downloaded the zip file and placed in the same directory as the script

-Here is the big one, you must add the Solr Certs to your trusted store, for that I used this blog from TADigital,

scroll halfway down and find the heading

Install Solr 7.2.1 & Enable SSL for SOLR (Self Signed Certificate)


“C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_121\bin\keytool.exe” -genkeypair -alias solr-ssl -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -keypass secret -storepass secret -validity 9999 -keystore solr-ssl.keystore.jks -ext SAN=DNS:localhost,IP: -dname “CN=localhost, OU=Organizational Unit, O=Organization, L=Location, ST=State, C=Country

So decided to use the new Graphical Interface for Installation

Guess Sitecore was tired of listening to the whining about using SIF, a lot of us had finally figured it out so it was now no big deal. However wanted to give it a whirl.

-The only issue I found was the prefix, I entered mine as PNF-POC figuring that the new site would be that was not the case instead the site was, so I tried creating new Bindings and adding to my host file the url I wanted, the site came up but could not navigate to /sitecore, a message of unauthorized user.

-Probably a config file somewhere, had no interest in hunting it down so continued

Downloaded PowerShell extensions for V9.2 and SXA 1.9 and installed both without a problem.

Take Care Everybody

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