It is so different from this side

Sitecore primarily sells it's products through a partner channel. These partners are responsible for selling and delivering a fully functioning site. Admittedly, I have never worked for a Sitecore Partner or Agency, however I have years of designing solutions for both large and small companies utilizing a variety of technologies as an independent consultant, individual contributor and as a manager.

This blog will attempt. hopefully not failing at, but will attempt to put forth items that I believe may be important from the Architect/Developer on the customer side. A customer is one who consumes the Sitecore product.

The Sitecore community has a rich community of people willing to help one another. To all those who help a big Thank You.

There is a difference between an Agency and a Customer, working at an Agency you get exposed to a lot of different environments and methodologies. As a customer developer you are exposed to a whole different world than a developer working at an Agency. Hopefully I can highlight some of the challenges from the other half.

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